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1308, 2021

Thank You for Supporting A Community Thrives Campaign!

Thank you for once again supporting Centennial Hall! The A Community Thrives campaign ended today at noon. Together we raised the minimum $3,000 in online donations with an additional $3,455 in offline donations.   We greatly appreciate and thank all of our donors for their support especially so soon after NH Gives! This was our first time participating in this program. With your support we were able to meet the minimum in online donations required for us to proceed with multiple grant opportunities available through USA Today/Gannett Network. All of your efforts will assist us in our mission to Open the Ballroom and to raise regional and national awareness of our amazing Cultural Hub!   With heartfelt gratitude, thank you for your continued support of Centennial Hall!

2107, 2021

Remembering Jean Booker

Jean Booker Aug 4, 1927-June 23, 2021 The North Hampton community lost a very special member and lifelong resident in June. Jean Booker was an alumna of Centennial Hall and was one of the founding Board Members of the Friends of Centennial Hall. Her love for the building inspired many who have followed in her footsteps to keep up their work to fully restore the Hall. Her knowledge, warmth and wit were a gift to our organization. She even volunteered to share her memories in our video in 2019 at the age of 92! To see her and hear that great chuckle watch: from 0:29-0:50. She did not have the chance to see a fully restored ballroom, but she was pleased with all that has been done and the amount of activity and excitement happening at the Hall as we bring it back to life. Those of you who knew Jean and her lifelong pal, Frances Winch (Oct 11, 1927-April 20, 2017...another kind and generous alumna and founding board member), saw the true value of friendship, how important it is to be involved in your community, and how a positive spirit and good laugh brings everyone around you together. Rest in peace, Jean. We hope you’ll sneak in and have a dance when our work is done!

1407, 2021

Centennial Hall selected for A Community Thrives Fundraising Campaign

When we work together a community thrives! Starting on July 19, our community will come together to support the amazing work of the FOCH to fundraise for Centennial Hall. We are honored to have been selected as one of the charities participating in a national grant opportunity, A Community Thrives, a program that supports community improvement ideas. With this National grant opportunity we will be competing in our local region for grants up to $200,000. Why are we doing this so soon after NH Gives? Not only is this a great opportunity to potentially secure matching grants but the potential exposure could greatly help us continue renovations of our Cultural Hub and reach our goal to Open the Ballroom! In order to make the minimum commitment to qualify for a grant, we need to raise a minimum of $3,000 by at least 10 unique donors during the campaign period. Between the Top Fundraiser Grants and Weekly Bonus Challenges throughout the fundraising period, there are $200,000 in incentives on the table. The more we raise and the more individual donors participate over the 4 week period, the more we increase our opportunity for these matching funds! Help us raise awareness and funds to Open the Ballroom by making a donation online from July 19th through August 13th. Learn more, share and / or donate at: A Community Thrives Campaign 2021.  “… preservationists have always been able to imagine possibilities. Who else looks at a dilapidated building and sees not only how it looked historically, but a vision of what it might become?” -T Mayes We hope you will choose to support the great progress made thus far, and help keep the work of preserving, safe-guarding, and revitalizing Centennial Hall moving forward so that we may remain the cultural hub of our Community!  If you have any questions or would like more information, let us know. Thank you in advance for your continued generosity to our organization! Thank you. Marcy McCann FOCH President

1006, 2021

Thank You for Your Support during NH Gives!

Thanks again to all who gave during NH Gives! Revitalizing Centennial Hall and Opening the Ballroom would not be possible without all of you! A very special thank you to Lloyd Graves for being our NH Gives Matchmaker! Together we raised $17,225 with 56 donors. With our matchmaker Lloyd Graves and site-wide match opportunities the raised total is $70,775 putting us 5th on the seacoast and 16th in the State of 550+ participating non profits. THANK YOU!!       

808, 2018

Upcoming August 11th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 11th Old Home Day returns in North Hampton with trolley tours stopping by our Open House hours at Centennial Hall from 10-2. Later on in the day; from 4-5, come see the spectacular Centennial Hall Jazz Band featuring Zack Lange of the Soggy Po Boys.

808, 2018

Upcoming August 10th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 10th- Friday night 7-9 pm Centennial Hall kicks off the return of Old Home Day with an old-fashioned Contra Dance featuring  Liz Faiella Please join in with a donation to the FOCH

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