Thank You for Attending Chili Cook-off

Thank you to everyone who attended the Winterfest Chili Cook-Off at Centennial Hall on Saturday. It was wonderful to see our community come together for this enjoyable event! We are grateful to be part of our amazing North Hampton Community!

In the Mail… Dear Community Member:

Have you seen our latest mailer to hit boxes? This is what was sent last week: It’s Happening! We are re-making history! Hold on tight, because we’re about to take this building restoration phase to the next level! The Ballroom is now under construction!...

Gaming to benefit Centennial Hall

We have partnered with Ocean Gaming Hampton Beach (81 Ocean Blvd). Centennial Hall will be the featured non-profit organization on the dates below with a portion of proceeds going to help us Open the Ballroom. Please come out and support us! Our next gaming night is...

Upcoming August 11th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 11th Old Home Day returns in North Hampton with trolley tours stopping by our Open House hours at Centennial Hall from 10-2. Later on in the day; from 4-5, come see the spectacular Centennial Hall Jazz Band featuring Zack Lange of the Soggy Po...

Upcoming August 10th – Old Home Day

Upcoming August 10th- Friday night 7-9 pm Centennial Hall kicks off the return of Old Home Day with an old-fashioned Contra Dance featuring  Liz Faiella Please join in with a donation to the FOCH

Milestone Birthday Celebration

Another wonderful milestone birthday celebration is planned at the Hall this afternoon for a former Centre School alumni. Centennial Hall Celebrating the Community Spirit!