Jean Booker
Aug 4, 1927-June 23, 2021

The North Hampton community lost a very special member and lifelong resident in June. Jean Booker was an alumna of Centennial Hall and was one of the founding Board Members of the Friends of Centennial Hall. Her love for the building inspired many who have followed in her footsteps to keep up their work to fully restore the Hall. Her knowledge, warmth and wit were a gift to our organization. She even volunteered to share her memories in our video in 2019 at the age of 92! To see her and hear that great chuckle watch: from 0:29-0:50. She did not have the chance to see a fully restored ballroom, but she was pleased with all that has been done and the amount of activity and excitement happening at the Hall as we bring it back to life. Those of you who knew Jean and her lifelong pal, Frances Winch (Oct 11, 1927-April 20, 2017…another kind and generous alumna and founding board member), saw the true value of friendship, how important it is to be involved in your community, and how a positive spirit and good laugh brings everyone around you together. Rest in peace, Jean. We hope you’ll sneak in and have a dance when our work is done!