When we work together a community thrives!

Starting on July 19, our community will come together to support the amazing work of the FOCH to fundraise for Centennial Hall. We are honored to have been selected as one of the charities participating in a national grant opportunity, A Community Thrives, a program that supports community improvement ideas. With this National grant opportunity we will be competing in our local region for grants up to $200,000.

Why are we doing this so soon after NH Gives? Not only is this a great opportunity to potentially secure matching grants but the potential exposure could greatly help us continue renovations of our Cultural Hub and reach our goal to Open the Ballroom!

In order to make the minimum commitment to qualify for a grant, we need to raise a minimum of $3,000 by at least 10 unique donors during the campaign period. Between the Top Fundraiser Grants and Weekly Bonus Challenges throughout the fundraising period, there are $200,000 in incentives on the table. The more we raise and the more individual donors participate over the 4 week period, the more we increase our opportunity for these matching funds!

Help us raise awareness and funds to Open the Ballroom by making a donation online from July 19th through August 13th. Learn more, share and / or donate at: A Community Thrives Campaign 2021

“… preservationists have always been able to imagine possibilities. Who else looks at a dilapidated building and sees not only how it looked historically, but a vision of what it might become?”
-T Mayes

We hope you will choose to support the great progress made thus far, and help keep the work of preserving, safe-guarding, and revitalizing Centennial Hall moving forward so that we may remain the cultural hub of our Community!  If you have any questions or would like more information, let us know. Thank you in advance for your continued generosity to our organization!

Thank you.
Marcy McCann
FOCH President