Thanks for your help with some important modernization features at Historic Centennial Hall!
The Friends of Centennial Hall, (FOCH) were pleased the Hall was able to host so many activities and celebrations for North Hampton residents in 2017, and look forward to even more in the coming year.
Thanks to your year-end financial support, and with a grant from the Josephine A. Lamprey Fund of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, we have been able to upgrade our kitchen facilities, providing a far better functioning and more serviceable area for events.
This is the tenth grant that has been generously awarded to the FOCH from the Josephine A. Lamprey Fund, each of which has been directed to supporting on-going restoration and renovation of the building.
It’s so rewarding to read your words of appreciation for our efforts on the donor response cards, and we thank all that have continued to support us over the years, including Josephine Lamprey, and we gratefully welcome the many new donors that joined us this year.
The availability of on-line donation on our website proved to be a convenient asset for many, and we will continue to improve our website features and communication in coming months.
Together we continue to Celebrate the Community Spirit in strengthening the services Centennial Hall continues to provide.
Our sincere thanks for your continued support!
The Friends of Centennial Hall, (FOCH)